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Alison Star Locke: Biography

I started off in life obsessively stalking movie theaters and video stores all over the U.S., mostly in San Antonio, Texas and Oakland, California. Alison earned a B.F.A. in Filmic Writing from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema Television, where I won the Jack Nicholson Screenwriting Award.

I have won multiple awards and contests, including receiving laurels from numerous film festivals. I live in the L.A. suburbs with my husband, the editor John Nelson, our genius villain daughter and our cat, Conan. I really, really love Chipotle and talking all things horror.

Writer/Director/Producer Credits

Short Film (2014)
Awards: Laurels, Los Angeles Film Festival; Laurels, Denver Film Festival Grey Skies
Feature Film (2010)
Second Assistant Director My Mom’s Just Not That Into Me
Short Film (2010)
Co-Director (with Alison Flierl) Stupidface
TV Series
Producer, 5 Episodes (2007) Episodes Expand – Log Cabin in Space: Flashback (2007)
– Prison Break (2007)
– Low Tide: Tripping Brains (2007)
– Low Tide: Prom Date (2007)
– Low Tide: To Catch a Predator (2007) Monster’s Comedy Roast of Satan
Short Film (2007)
Co-Producer Martin Did It
Short Film (2007)
Assistant Director Office Girl
Short Film (2005)
Co-Producer Rock Paper Scissors: Honor of the Hand
Short Film (2004)
Assistant Director

Feature Length Screenplays & Loglines

The Complex – Action/Horror/Thriller/Drama
Logline: When renegade soldiers take over an apartment complex and kidnap the men, a group of average women with no military experience band together to fight back and rescue their loved ones.
– Finalist – Screamfest
– Finalist – Fright Night Film Festival
– Semi-Finalist – Eerie Horror Film Festival
– Quarterfinalist – Nicholl Fellowship
– Quarterfinalist – BlueCat Screenplay Competition The Apology – Horror/Thriller Drama
Logline: A retired teacher spent 30 years searching for her missing daughter, only to learn a horrible truth that may cost her everything one stormy Christmas Eve, when an old friend shows up and pushes her to cathartic extremes.
– Bloodlist FreshBlood Select
– Semi-Finalist – Screamfest
– Semi-Finalist – Women In Horror Film Festival The Projectionist – Psychological Thriller
Logline: When oddball Amy starts flirting with the projectionist at the movie theater where she works, her friends hope it’ll bring her out of her shell, but nobody can predict how twisted Amy’s obsession will become.
– 2nd Place Winner – Horror/Thriller
– Screenplay at Slamdance
– Semi-Finalist – Final Draft Big Break Contest
– Quarterfinalist – Nicholl Fellowship
– Quarterfinalist – BlueCat Screenplay Competition

(I used to write either much lighter fare or straight drama, hence why you only see three scripts featured here. The others could use a polish and/or update but if you end up digging the above scripts and are curious about my previous efforts, hit me up!)

Other Film and Televison Credits

TV Series documentary
Story Producer, 6 episodes/Story Editor, 9 episodes (2009) Episodes ExpandCalling All Climbers (2009) … Story Editor
Gord to the Rescue (2009) … Story Editor
Big Wood, Big Finish (2009) … Story Editor
Dangerous Ground (2009) … Story Producer/Story Editor
The New Greenhorn (2009) … Story Producer/Story Editor
Heavy Lifting Required (2009) … Story Producer/Story Editor
Widowmakers (2009) … Story Producer/Story Editor
The Greenhorn and the Beast (2009)…Story Producer/Story Editor
The Big Wood (2009)…Story Producer/Story Editor The Real World
TV Series
Post-Production Coordinator, 31 episodes (2002-2003)/Editorial Assistant, 5 episodes (2002) Episodes ExpandFinale at the Greek (2008)
Downtown Battleground (2008) editor)
Something’s Fishy (2008)
Wet and Wild (2008)
Battle at Big Bear (2008)
You’ve Got Junk Mail (2008)
Fast Fuel (2008)
Trash Talkin’ (2008)
Green Death (2008)
Raise the Roof (2008) Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee
TV Series
Story editor, 10 episodes (2008) Episodes ExpandThe Gauntlet III: The Finale (2008)
– The Gauntlet III: Cold Blooded (2008)
The Gauntlet III: What Goes Around (2008)
The Gauntlet III: All Alone (2008)
The Gauntlet III: Match-Up of the Century (2008)
The Gauntlet III: It’s Not Fair (2008)
The Gauntlet III: Viva Mexico (2008)
The Inferno III: Nothin’ But Net (2007)
The Inferno III: Hook Me (2007)
The Inferno III: Captain’s Chair (2007)
The Inferno III: Hand Car (2007)
The Inferno III: Dog Day Afternoon (2007)
The Inferno III: Leaps and Bounds (2007)
The Inferno III: Steady as You Go (2007)
The Inferno III: Grape Smash (2007)
The Inferno III: Reversible Climbing Wall (2007)
The Inferno III: Rope Burn (2007)
The Inferno III: Wrap and Roll (2007)
The Inferno III: Battering Ram (2007)
The Inferno III: Ladder Race (2007)
The Inferno III: Welcome to Africa (2007)
The Duel: Push Over (2006)
Fresh Meat: Handsome Reward (2006)
Fresh Meat: Target Training (2006)
Fresh Meat: Deep Blue (2006)
Fresh Meat: Jump Down Under (2006)
Fresh Meat: Batten Down the Hatches (2006)
Fresh Meat: Human Ox Pull (2006)
Fresh Meat: Swimming with Sharks (2006)
Fresh Meat: Incredible Deflating Kayak (2006)
Fresh Meat: Crossed Paths (2006)
Fresh Meat: Rollin’ in Oats (2006)
Fresh Meat: Climber’s Paradise (2006)
Fresh Meat: Jail Break (2006)
Fresh Meat: Hang On (2006)
Fresh Meat: Stuck on Me (2006)
Fresh Meat Launch Special (2006)
The Inferno II: Never Ending Climb (2005)
He Says, She Says: The Battle for the Battle of the Sexes II (2004)
Battle of the Sexes: Spider Mon (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Collision Course (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Stairway to Heaven (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Leaky River (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Battle of the Opposite Sexes (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: People Mover (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Freeze Your Butt Off (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Seven Rings of Saturn (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Puck’s Wedding (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Breath-Hold Bungee (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Tree House (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Dead Man’s Drop (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Sergeant Says (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: Hola Jamaica (2003)
Battle of the Sexes: The Good, the Bad, and the Notorious (2003) Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas
TV Mini-Series
Story Editor, 5 episodes (2007) Episodes ExpandThe Dating Game (2007)
Ninja Stars (2007)
Suite and Sour (2007)
Bygones (2007)
Reunited and it Feels So Awkward (2007) The Challenge
TV Series
Story Editor, 54 episodes (2003-2008) Episodes ExpandParis: Part 3 (2003) …Post-Production Coordinator
Paris: Part 2 (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Paris (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Leaving Las Vegas (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Over It (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
All or Nothing (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Baggage Problems (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Broken Boundaries (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Change of Plans (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Singles Club (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Late Night Attraction (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
New Beginnings (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
The Showdown (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Down Under (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Back and Forth (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
Happy Birthday (2003) … Post-Production Coordinator
The Next Step (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator
Pregnancy Scare (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator
Opening Up (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator
Public Displays (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator
Out in the Open (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator
Secret’s Out (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator
Stepping In (2002) … Editorial Assistant/Post-Production Coordinator
In the Spotlight (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator
Good to Be Bad (2002) … Editorial Assistant/Post-Production Coordinator
Hey, Jealousy (2002) … Editorial Assistant/Post-Production Coordinator
Touchy Situations (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator
Professional Partiers (2002) … Editorial Assistant/Post-Production Coordinator
Word from Home (2002) … Editorial Assistant/Post-Production Coordinator
Love Connection (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator
Welcome to Las Vegas! (2002) … Post-Production Coordinator AliGSMakeUp

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